Bruno Moore for District 25 State Senate

Port St. Lucie --
Bruno Moore, who ran against the most powerful Republican in the Florida Legislature in 2014, Senator Joe Negron, is throwing his hat into the ring once again.
Spearheading a grassroots campaign aimed at the real issues facing Treasure Coast residents, Bruno's approach puts constituents first and turns a blind eye to special interest lobbying.

"This campaign has always been, and will continue to be about the people I'll be representing in Tallahassee", Moore said.  "Bought-and-paid-for politicians have been in the halls of power for far too long."

Among some of Bruno's most heartfelt issues are lagoon restoration and the fight against the All Aboard Florida.

"Currently the rank and file leadership in Tallahassee has spent precious time and energy adhering to big money influence and has ignored science and expertise almost completely.  The time for that is over."

For more information about Bruno Moore visit his website