Healing the Waters with Danuta Rothschild

"Healing the Waters Project" This event showcases collaborative artworks by young artists instructed by world renowned professional artist Danuta Rothschild. The exhibition is being hosted by the Osceola Street Cafe, 26 Osceola Street in Historic Downtown Stuart. Phone: (772) 283-6116. The show will run from September 20th - October 19th with an Artists' Reception Sunday, September 21st from 2:30 - 4:00pm. This event is free and open to the public In this assembled art project young artists painted 6"x 6" canvases depicting landscapes, waterways and skies with beautiful colors. The plastic spoons crossing over represent the pollutants: factories, chemical corporations, etc. Instead of bashing them and making them wrong they are beautified with color, love and positive intention. Danuta Rothschild's thought provoking art has spanned many decades starting from her early years attending the prestigious Academy of Arts in Warsaw, Poland to living in Buenos Aires, Vienna, Austria and the US where she established herself as an international artist for three decades in Los Angeles. She relocated two years ago to Stuart, Florida to be closer to her children and grandchildren where she teaches both children and adults at the Elliot Museum of Art. Her work can be seen at: http://www.danutastudio.com Danuta's art touches the heart by focusing on many different social and political issues in our world ranging from the Forgotten Children and Homelessness in America to other series on the Holocaust, the great Master Artists with her own whimsical spin and another series devoted to Spiritual Awakening and Self-Healing and many more. In addition, Danuta has also developed series that include animals in their natural habitat, natural landscapes of both earth and water and a captivating series on Native Americans: the guardians of the earth who protect our lands. Through her own growing consciousness, Danuta felt compelled to start the "Healing the Waters Project" to take better care of our waters. "Mother Earth is having problems with water pollution and radiation. Oceans, lakes, rivers and waterways are dirty. The negative and poisonous energy is depriving our planet from healthy living. The same issues take place in our own backyard, with our beautiful St.Lucie River in Martin County, Florida where our waters are heavily contaminated. I believe that through visual art, love, positive intention, sound, color, prayer and collective positive thoughts we can raise people's awareness to help heal the waters.Through beautiful powerful paintings you see the waters on earth as pure, joyful, abandoned, protected and treasured by all human beings." My dream is to take the Healing the Waters Project to other locations and involve artists of all ages to assemble a huge mural that can be shared with others in public places with frequent visitors. This will allow growing awareness to take better care of our waters. " Danuta Rothchild. Photo courtesy Olga Hamilton.