Martin County Legal Aid Society Announces Gifts and New Location

On Friday, June 30th, Martin County Legal Aid Society hosted a press conference to announce a United Way challenge grant, accept a Martin County Bar Association grant, and celebrate a new office location donated by Clerk of Court and Martin County Board of County Commissioners to allow the Legal Aid Society and Florida Rural Legal Services to better serve public.

Speakers included Clerk of Court Carolyn Timmann to explain why the Clerk’s office and County are supporting the Legal Aid Society, United Way CEO/President Carol Houwaart-Diez and United Way Chair Chad Hastings to share with the community why United Way has taken this important step of challenging the community to support the Legal Aid Society, and Gene Zweben and Abby Spears of the MCBA described their role as MCBA 5K race committee co-chairs in supporting the efforts of the Legal Aid Society to serve our Treasure Coast community’s legal needs. Andrea Johnson White, who works with FRLS via a grant from the Legal Aid Society, will be present to speak to her work for the community, as well.

In the last year, the Legal Aid Society has looked to grow its organization to serve the legal needs of our growing community, which includes a growing population of people who need legal help but cannot afford it. That’s where the Legal Aid Society comes in. We are partnering with the Clerk of Court, United Way, MCBA, and FRLS to make that Legal Aid Society growth happen to do more for the Treasure Coast and those who need legal help but are underserved. The press conference was both a celebration of that effort and a challenge to the community to support us in this worthy goal.

For more information, please contact Mark Miller at or (772) 633-4401

Martin County Legal Aid Society, a/k/a the Legal Aid Society of the Martin County Bar Association, Inc., is a not-for-profit Section 501(c)(3) corporation that serves the legal needs of the community pursuant to Florida law and Martin County ordinance. For 25 years, the Legal Aid Society has partnered with Florida Rural Legal Services to serve the legal needs of the poor of the Treasure Coast, just as FRLS serves the legal needs of the poor throughout southern Florida.

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