Trailblazer Rozanne Brown, CareBag Founder/CEO - by League of Women Voters for St. Lucie County

“We feel so blessed to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven individuals and businesses across Florida. As a 501(c)3 organization assisting individuals, families, and veterans who are homeless to survive, move forward and thrive, giving hope, self-worth, and dignity to those who are at a point in their life in need of compassion living in conditions not suitable for any individual in this blessed country we love. Together we can make a change, join us on this journey. Thank you” - Rozanne Brown, CareBag Founder/CEO

Nearly five years ago, a former medical researcher named Rozanne Brown, purchased 120 hamburgers from McDonald’s and distributed them to a group of local homeless citizens. She did this every day that followed and was soon joined by other community members who helped purchase and distribute food. Not long after that, “Roxy”, as she is known to those she serves, founded CareBag.

In 2017, CareBag distributed over 67,000 bags of food items and over 98,000 personal items and clothes. In 2018, they acquired a mobile shower unit and have since provided hundreds of showers to those in need. Roxy’s mission to serve the homeless population with dignity and compassion has inspired hundreds of volunteers of all ages to dedicate thousands of hours of service.

Homelessness is not about laziness; many are underemployed or escaping violent living situations, some are college students, and a heart-breaking number are children. Roxy, along with her army of volunteers and dedicated CareBag board of directors, is working to heighten awareness and educate the community to further provide dignity and desperately needed medical care to the Treasure Coast’s homeless community.

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