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With Gratitude on Memorial Day! - Jay Sharpe

The Moving Tribute by Some Gave All, Inc., a nonprofit organization, displaying memorial panels with the names of Americam servicemen and servicewomen killed in the wars against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan

Gratitude is the alchemy of Faith, Hope & Love.

Memorial Day symbolizes the appreciation of those who have fought and died for our freedom. The sacrifice our fallen soldiers paid is priceless and as we celebrate this weekend, let us not forget the real meaning of those who died for us.

Many lives are still affected from the sacrifices made for our freedom. Families across this nation are still grieving their loved ones. Veterans are still trapped in the mental trauma of the fight for freedom. Memories of our fallen sons, daughters, brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors…….are vivid in our minds. The courage of the men and women who died in pursuit of freedom is incomparable.
Their gesture must inspire impact & influence us to the paramount state of gratitude. Our very existence is possible because of their selfless choice. We the people must never forget that.
So, on this Memorial Day, be intentional. Take the time to say thank you to our men and women in uniform that have and are protecting us to go about our lives seamlessly. Think about ways in which we can serve or be of service to others. Find ways to honor

our fallen soldiers as the price they paid for our freedom should not go without the daily expression of gratitude.  Appreciate their mission and the sacrifice made not just for one, but for all of us. Memorial Day is a day of gratitude and we should also reflect on our own lives. Are we honoring our fallen men and women of the Armed Services by being thankful each day? Are we examining our lives and relationships with each other in honor of our fallen heroes and heroines? Gratitude matters! It matters to the families of the fallen who must now live a new norm. It matters to the veterans who have fought and survive but still fighting the challenging repercussion daily. To you we say ‘Thank You’ as a miniscule gesture of appreciation for your Faith, Hope & Love of your country. ‘Thank you’…. with much Gratitude. #gratefulheart ❤

Jay Sharpe
Author, Freelance Writer, Personal Development Coach-CLC, International Speaker

Charter President of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1041 of Martin County Jerry D. Smith explains the meaning and symbolism of the Missing Man Table, also known as the Fallen Comrade Table, at the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall in Halpatiokee Park, Stuart Florida, October 25 - 28 2012.

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