Molly's House: Shelter, Serenity, Support.

The 7 min. documentary "Shelter, Serenity, Support" was premiered on April 3rd, 2018 at the "Molly's Dream" fundraising breakfast at St. Mary's Episcopal Church. One of the most heart touching post-production edits was working on Molly's interviews she gave before cancer took her. But did she lose the battle? Molly lives in the hearts of all guests who stayed at the House. She lives in the hearts of the community members who made her Dream come true and continue giving their support! You can feel her presence when you visit the House, manifesting through the Molly's House staff and volunteers. Please, take a moment to learn about Molly's Dream, hear her soft spoken voice and listen to her words. Thank you! Olga Hamilton & Robert W, Hamilton Video Production

There many ways to help! Please visit Molly's House website:

Dr. James J. Vopal was one of Molly's treating doctors when she was diagnosed with Myelocytic Leukemia, a very rare form of cancer. Molly and Dr. Vopal became friends and he has been an avid supporter of her Dream. A cancer diagnosis is a difficult and life changing situation. The physical, emotional, and social effects of the disease can be very stressful. Emotional and social support can help patients to cope with psychological stress, and the role that family plays in a patient’s life is simply undeniable. Molly's dream was to build a home in Stuart, providing families with short-term, affordable accommodations during what can be emotionally and financially difficult times. Keeping families together! Please visit Molly's House website to learn more

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Bill West, Molly's House CEO, says it is thanks to the local community with a long tradition of helping families get back on their feet, Molly's House has been able to expand its programs. Molly's House is a refuge, a sanctuary providing shelter, serenity, and support to the families dealing with difficult situations in life. It is very rare throughout the United States, and to have this in Stuart, Florida, is incredibly special. Molly's House convenient location within easy walking distance of Martin Medical Center, Robert and Carol Weissman Cancer Center, and downtown Stuart with a beautiful boardwalk along the St. Lucie Rive is another big plus for Molly's House guests, helping them reduce stress and anxiety... Please visit Molly's House website to learn more:

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Molly's father, Kevin Sharkey, the founder of Molly's House. Why were we at the historic House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar? As Kevin said it well, no matter what century we're living in, there is a time when people need refuge due to different life circumstances. The House of Refuge played a critical role providing a shelter for shipwrecked sailors. For over 20 years, Molly's House has provided a home away from home to almost 22,000 people. Please visit Molly's House website to learn more: And, if you are in Stuart, we highly recommend to visit the House of Refuge Museum at Gilbert's Bar, the oldest structure in Martin County. The House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar is the only remaining House of Refuge and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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The life circumstances that brought Dee Laderer and Brenda Langston to Molly's House are different, and their stories are different. But Dee and Brenda's hearts beat in unison when they share their experience of staying at Molly's House, their words of love and appreciation to Molly, Molly's House staff and volunteers, and to the community for making Molly's Dream come true! Home away from home. Molly's House Programs include Caregiver Respite Program, Adopt a Family program, and Art and Healing Program. Please visit Molly's House website to learn more

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